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About Us - Loveland CO SEO-Digital Marketing

212 Degrees? What does that mean?

At 211 degrees water is hot, but at 212 degrees, water boils, which produces steam, which in turn,will run a cruise ship or locomotive.

It's that one extra degree that makes all the difference! And it's that one extra degree of effort, care, and desire to succeed that we pour into every Client and their business.

212 Degree Solutions is a vibrant and fast-growing Brand and Business Design/Marketing Agency that gives our Clients the ability to work personally - (you're not just a number with us) - with a professional Team headed by Victor Stewart, an ex-partner in a Denver Metro Roofing Company, who was instrumental in the explosive growth from less than a million per year to a multiple 8-figure business in just a few short seasons.

Thinking "outside-the-box" and experiencing the mediocre (nice way of putting it) and outdated methods/performance of 99% of the local business agencies, is what inspired Victor to launch his own Digital Marketing Agency, and raise the standard in the industry.

It's not some kind of magic pill that got Victor the results you are about to experience - no - it's the willingness to do the hard work of staying abreast of the constantly changing algorithms, split testing new ideas, and NEVER settling for "good enough", which is EXACTLY what other agencies do, and they know you won't be a long-term client, so they lock you into a long-term contract, and push a TON of volume thru their cookie-cutter system, so once your contract is up, you're gone, and they say, "Who cares? Next!"

Let Victor and his Team prove their concept with your business. Their expertise in Video Marketing, Website Design, on-page & off-page SEO, Google My Business (GMB), Map Pack & Citation optimization will catapult your local business in record time!

We believe you will be another 5 Star Google Review, and long-term Client!

Our Marketing Services:

Growth Marketing


Website/Video Design

SEO Audit
Outreach & Links
SBA & Business Loans
Video Marketing
Map Pack
Social Posting
Detailed Reporting
Website Design
Text/Email Marketing

How We Get You To The Top Of Google

with Growth Marketing

SEO/GMB (GoogleMyBusiness/Map Pack) = TRAFFIC!

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This is where the "rubber meets the road". Surely your website must be setup with on-page SEO so that it's Google search friendly, but it's the off-page SEO that 99% of the agencies out there just barely put in enough work to show you there are backlinks to your site, etc., but they're usually too low in quality and number to effect any real change.

Charging you thousands of dollars per month...for what? Your Google My Business Page isn't fully optimized and maintenanced monthly, you don't have enough citations & the ones you do have don't match, and the backlinks don't have enough authority to impress Google, so is it any wonder you're not #1, #2, or #3 in the Map Pack? Is it any wonder you're not even on page one of Google organic search results for most if not all of your search keywords? And the search KW's they show you that you DO show up for are longtail stuff that maybe one person a month is entering?

You see, this is possible - but it takes a lot of work - work that big agencies simply cannot do - even IF they wanted to - because they're churn-and-burn methods are designed to be set up (cheaply) one time and then no ongoing care or maintenance.

Our backlink network is 40,000+ strong and growing everyday, compared to their 10, 000 or so. (weak authority, and cheap) Depending on the solution you choose, up to 4 of our strong, authoritative backlinks are added every month! (Google spiders love our secret sauce - sssshhhhh!)

We also have a proprietary system of engagement that drives your business to the top 3 in the Map Pack ridiculously fast! The other agencies tell you - "Maybe, just maybe, after a year with us, you might make it to the Map Pack and page one organically...maybe, but no guarantees."  

No guarantees with us either - anyone that tells you that is a liar & a thief - BUT: ask to see our case studies! How about a little brother & sister HVAC company in Los Angeles that got to the #1 position, passing all their competitors - including HUGE $50 million dollar per year companies - on the search term: "a/c repair los angeles" in less than 9 months...ARE YOU KIDDING?!

Finally: do we do PPC or Goolge Guarantee? Yes, BUT: we ONLY recommend these VERY EXPENSIVE tools if & when our other, more cost effective solutions fail. And guess what? Not one - no, not even one - Client has been forced to use PPC/Google Guarantee because our solutions didn't work...so let me ask you...why spend that kind of money? (See? Thinking outside the box!) 

Website/Video Design


Is your website ADA Compliant? If not, you could be risking TENS-OF-THOUSANDS-OF-DOLLARS in fines and court costs! Watch this short video, then do your 100% FREE Website ADA Audit on the RED BUTTON BELOW THIS VIDEO:




If your website is older than even a year without ADA Compliance, fast page speeds, mobile or SEO changes, then you are LOSING TRAFFIC to your competition...PERIOD!

Are you paying OUTRAGEOUS hosting fees? Or small fees, but no automatic updates/back-ups?

These days, most websites only require a one-page sales funnel designed to either capture your prospects info, or generate a call. PERIOD. It is your digital business card first & foremost. If you don't have an up-to-date, mobile friendly - (60% of searches are now done thru mobile) - fast loading website, then you are LOSING TRAFFIC to your competition!

Wordpress? Outdated & vulnerable/hackable. WIX & other "free" website builders? Okay if you want a site for your hobby or blog. Our websites are built on the newest/ most cutting edge platform on the planet. Ridiculously fast page loading, ADA Compliant (options), FREE hosting, FREE SSL Security, FREE SEO updates & back-ups...

...PLUS: YOU OWN THE SITE & HAVE COMPLETE ACCESS all for the one-time fee!

Who else does that? No one. Period. Beautiful, fast, high-converting, ADA Compliant, and priced right. Don't have a properly SEO optimized/syndicated video on your website? No worries, ours all do, or we can build one and put it on your site.

Fast Websites!

Googles latest algorithm gives heavy favor and link "juice" to the fastest loading pages that are mobile optimized and voice search friendly...

...how do people find anything today? Type it in, or say "Hey Siri", or "Hey Google", or "Hey Alexa", right?


Fast Loading Templates
Voice Search & Mobile Optimized
SEO Optimized
Includes Optimized/Syndicated Video
FREE: Hosting, SSL, Updates & backups!

Some Of Our Work!

Our Staff!

We work hard to make sure you can focus on your Business!

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Victor & Lora Stewart
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What people are saying about us!

Google 5 star

I did some research since I have worked with other companies in the past and wanted the perfect fit for our company. 212 Degree Solutions is a perfect fit for the company, Our business had been continuously growing because of them. We really do appreciate them and everything they are doing for us!

joanne welch

Joanne Welch

Unique Business Loans

Google 5 star

212 Degree Solutions have talented designers who understand the must of a website to bring out positive results. Their efforts quickly paid off based on the traffic gained by the site and with the company’s growth. I highly recommend 212 Degree Solutions to any business looking for online exposure!

alison taylor

Alison Taylor

Perfect Pets

Google 5 star

Victor has something here, his company is cutting edge, and it boggles my mind what he is doing, for the price he is doing it. I would have expected to pay a lot more for this kind of a service. If you want to explode your business, talk to Victor.

jason taylor

Jason Taylor

Aspen Commercial Lending

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